Have Tasker react on running applications, without the downsides of the default implementation!

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[Requires Xposed and Tasker (or equivalent)]

The default application context of Tasker has several downsides:

AppContext solves these problems by utilizing the power of Xposed! It hooks directly into the Activity-class, letting Tasker react immediately when an app starts. This means no more periodic checking which app is running, so no more battery drain and no more slow reactions. It’s also perfectly accurate and doesn’t need an accessibility service, so your device’s screen lock can be used for enhanced data protection again. (Experimental support for reacting on Services is also present.)

AppContext may also work with other apps using the Locale API, such as Locale, Llama, Automate, Automagic and others. However, this is not tested extensively.

To support development, AppContext contains non-intrusive ads. These can be removed with a small in-app purchase.

Please understand that AppContext is still considered to be in beta. There may be bugs.